Friday, June 21, 2024

Prehensile Penises, The Return

We've talked before about the impressive (and unsettlingly aggressive) penis of dolphins before, but as this remains our MOST POPULAR BLOG POST we figured we could kindly let you know that there are other animals that have prehensile penises that we didn't talk about but would like to now. For example, barnacles!

Friday, January 12, 2024

Weird & Dead - the Mary Anning's Revenge Podcast

 Hi! Did you miss us? We've been working on something special...

That's right! We're both white people in our thirties now so it's time to engage in the sacred rites of our people and start a podcast. Of course ours is about fossils, specifically focusing on the most embarrassing and bizarre stories that evolution has to offer.... which is a lot! From fish fossilized up dinosaur butts to the secret drama behind naming new species, we're spilling all the hottest tea from prehistory!

The first season debuts January 24th but if you want early access you can find the first episode and tons of bonus content RIGHT NOW on our Patreon. We're talking mini-episodes, pieces we couldn't fit, and the uncut and uncensored versions of episodes too.