Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Update: Everyone Who Reads This Blog is Still Super Weird

Just in case you thought that the blog readership here at Mary Anning's Revenge was in any way normal, it's actually full of perverts and weirdos. At least it is according to our Google Search Terms... and also probably just extrapolated from the topics of most of our blog posts, to be honest.

One of the best parts of having a blog is tracking your Google search terms.  Every day seems to unearth another disgusting thing that some sicko googled and then somehow made it to our TOTALLY INNOCENT website.... No no, we love the search keywords, they are always hilarious and keep us laughing. Every once and awhile we share a little of the magic back to you, dear reader. 

We'll start out with one that represents a pretty typical day:

Sorry Dr. Sereno

Any search term list that runs the gambit from Monkey Bites Other Monkey's Penis to Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix is a diverse and beautiful place. Of course, sometimes it's not so diverse, like this one is a snapshot from two days after the anniversary of Mary Anning's birth (it was a big deal this year, remember the google doodle??):

So on that day we had a decent ratio of people intrigued by Mary Anning to those who were,*cough* intrigued by Mary Anning... not bad, we guess? You'll also noticed that 'land before time porn" is still a top search term for our blog... probably because we're the first hit for that particular term, oops!

Then there are the days you suspect your coblogger of stacking the deck...
No idea what you're talking about, Amy.

So that's our readership: obsessed with monkeys that have blue balls, Land Before Time and the porn thereof, and the prehensile nature of different penises. It's okay though, because while the search terms to get to this blog may be terrifying, the search terms we use to WRITE this blog are far, far worse. 

Speaking of writing, we promise we are writing actual content. Between Amy starting graduate school and Meaghan messing around in Kyrgyzstan, we have plenty of things to talk about... and also plenty of things to do, so hence the delay. Upcoming though are such exciting topics as when it is okay to channel your inner bro douche, how fresh is "fresh" when dealing with deer poop, and probably, let's be real... more pictures of oreodonts. 

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