Friday, August 22, 2014

A Lot of Oreodont Drawings

This summer Meaghan has been working as a Geocorps Paleontologist for the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, working on resolving John Day oreodont taxonomy. It's been a lot of fun, but it also means that oreodonts have been at the forefront of her mind literally all summer... so she's drawn a lot of them. As the summer has progressed, her oreodonts have become a lot more like My Little Ponies, with big feet and ridiculous expressions. Meaghan is now headed off to Kyrgyzstan for a month (to help this lady scientist with her dissertation work), and is too lazy to write blog posts ahead of time so in lieu of other blog material.... here are a bunch of Meaghan's oreodont sketches with her brilliantly witty commentary!

Coy Agrochoerus antiquus is an ass during hide-and-seek

Merychyus elegans just pranked the shit out of someone.

Ticoleptus zygomaticus is oh-so-crafty

Miscellaneous agriochoerid is angry over nothing

Black-and-white Eporeodon snoozefest

Colored snoozing Eporeodon occidentalis in a very limited forest

Bizarrely long Hypsiops not-sure-what-species.

Merycochoerus matthewi mummy & baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby

Sinister Oreodontoides oregonensis

Black-and-white Promerycochoerus superbus family eats thin air

Full-color Promerycochoerus superbus family eats actual plant matter hurray

Paroreodon marshi/parvus eats nothingness

Colored Paroreodon marshi/parvus also eats nothingness
Annnnnnnnnnnd technicolor hippy daydream trunk-having oreodont for the finale.

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