Monday, September 8, 2014

An Ode to the Paleo Road

Recently Amy and her boyfriend Kelly completed a 32-day road trip from Juneau, Alaska to Austin, Texas. Considering they both suffer from Paleo/Geo Nerd Syndrome they made many stops along the way to admire the rocks of geological and/or historical significance, as well as a few stops to visit their nerdy friends like Meaghan! To recount this thrilling 7,000 mile opportunity to discuss regional tectonics and ancient seas we're bringing back our favorite form of poetry: Limericks.

There once was a road trip gone long
It started in July back up the Yukon
Gold fever eyes
Mammoth surprise
These two geologists were already long gone

Soon they reached the land of Yoho
Where ancient bugs really steal the show
Oldest life on earth
These rocks did birth
Let's celebrate our ancestors with a resounding YOLO

But in their dreams late late that night
Returned the creatures and their fright
Segmented bits of Waptia
OMG Hallucigenia
And the creepy crawl of a loose trilobite

Now back in America and here to stay
Reunite the Vengeance Team at good ole' John Day
Paleosols all around
Topped by a basalt crown
So many oreodonts with which Meaghan can play

In California they braved the gases of Bumpass Hell
The volcano revealed with that sick sulphur smell 
Spattering mudpots
 Red iron spots
Dare not fall in for it won't end well

Then Nevada and the journey through Mesozoic seas
The Fossil Freeway never left Amy's knees
Ichthyosaurs all around
Maybe Kraken in the ground
'Til they came to the pure land of Salt Lake City

The rocks of Utah once again were quite upstanding
Brigham's member stood rigid, thick, and demanding
Feelin' like a sandstoner
Gigglin' from a rock boner
Jurassic sand dunes now erections long withstanding

Dinosaur tracks waved goodbye as they drove out of town
The La Sal batholith in the distance like a crown
Heading home at last
Past oil and natural gas
On to Texas and BBQ cooked in a pit in the ground!

All photos by Amy or Kelly except 3rd photo down, which is a piece by Ray Troll

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