Friday, September 16, 2016

Creepy Photos of White Dudes with Fossils

Amy spent lots of time going over the history of paleontology in Big Bend National Park as she worked there this summer as a paleo intern (more on that later). This mostly means she learned about all the old white dudes who found some giant pre-chicken bones out there a hundred years ago (blegh, dinosaurs). Occasionally the pictures of these old white dudes with fossils are not just irritatingly cliche but also incredibly, exceptionally creepy - which led to Amy frantically googling "old men with skeletons," which led to this blog post.

Who knew Nosferatu was a vampire AND a paleontologist!

Poor Douglas Lawson looked creepy when he first discovered Quetzalcoatlus, and it didn't get any better with age. 

Patterson attempts "Edward Skeletonhands" long before Johnny Depp was even born
More support that wearing glasses in fossil photos does not look smart. Just REALLY creepy.

Apparently Richard Owen was creepy his whole life, and also deeply and weirdly attached to that Moa leg:

Richard Owen gettin' a skelly beez
Raymond Dart: famous paleoanthropologist or mass murderer?

This photo was legit titled "Edward Drinker Cope being a racist" via Sean Markey
Along those same lines...
"And if we make up a measurement riiiiiiight here, we can continue to justify slavery and sexism!"
Is this third base with this dinosaur? Fourth? (we understand neither baseball nor the dinosaur reproductive system)  

Brian Richmond. Paleoanthropologist, and Official Creep of the Year.
(Just one more reason not to go to those hella expensive field schools.) 
We don't know what this is, or why it exists. But it does, and we felt it belonged in this hall of oddities.
But then again, sometimes the study organism is just as creepy. What is that devil raptor muppet behind Jack Horner? And why is he so rueful about it?


We hope you found this post as vaguely unsettling as we did while making it. If you're wondering why this blog has been so quiet recently, here's a vague series of events that should be somewhat informative:

Meaghan: got married. Wrote dissertation. Defended Dissertation. Graduated (OMG CALL HER DOCTOR). Bought a House. Got a Puppy. Stopped giving a shit about anything other than how cute her puppy was. Got a job. Moved to Washington. 

Amy: finishing her masters. Finding all the monkeys. Worked at Big Bend National Park for the summer. Trying not to get shot on campus because campus carry laws went into effect a few weeks ago. Investing in some serious protest dildos, takes a lot of time to find the right one. 

Not creepy at all, just two paleontologists being super super fuckin' cute.
Moral of the story is: we live! We continue to write! We have just had ONE HELL OF A SUMMER, in a good way. Expect upcoming blog posts on those and many more topics!

XOXO, Meaghan and Amy

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