Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lemur Love At Last

It's not frequent, but every once in a while the Vengeance Team sits back and reflects on how much of their life they've wasted* looking at YouTube clips of baby sloths. While we are eternally grateful that YouTube doesn't track how many times you've watched a particular video or searched for a particular keyword, it does occasionally hit us that we may be full-blown sloth-video addicts. It's a slap to the face, each time: we thought we could handle our sloth video habits, but somehow we've relapsed again and the only cure is to go cold turkey for at least a 48 hour period. And by cold turkey, we mean watch YouTube clips of OTHER adorable animals, of course. Meaghan's poison of secondary choice is anything featuring a baby mammal swimming in a bathtub (a surprisingly diverse niche video market), while Amy prefers to squeal about anything primatish, focusing pretty heavily on lemurs.

Amy loves lemurs. She tried to go to the lemur center when we were in North Carolina late last year but had to cancel on account of illness, which was a great personal tragedy. Then in December, the Vengeance Team decided to visit Costa Rica to see sloths only to, erm, spend a lot of time in a hospital instead. The point is, we've had a lot of trouble making our YouTube dreams come true, so when Meaghan found out earlier this week that there was a lemur in the city of Eugene that you were allowed to touch and play with and maybe sing a few love ballads to, she seized Amy by the hand and immediately dragged her to Zany's Zoo. Amy wasn't warned ahead of time, mostly because Meaghan was hoping to catch something akin to Kristen Bell's Sloth Meltdown. The following is best summed up as footage of undiluted joy.

Just remember, Amy - at some point, you're going to have to put some baby sea otters in a bathtub if you ever want to repay the favor. Start looking now.

Nobody has ever been so happy to be gnawed on before.

This video is basically just a starting point. In the future, we hope to cover Amy in lemurs and sloths from head to toe like a living Yo Landi Vi$$er costume creation, and film something like the following YouTube video (which should be called Naughty Lemur Banana Orgy). Gah, our future lives are going to be soooooo awesome.

*worth it. So worth it.

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