Monday, March 18, 2013

The Truth About Our Readers

Got bone(r)s???
Survey says our readers do. Really, really weird ones.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology the Vengeance Team has been able to track the traffic sources of our blog. While Blogger tracks which web pages people come in from, it more importantly records the key search terms people have entered that have led them to Mary Anning's Revenge. This has brought something important (and probably intuitive) to our attention: you are all a bunch of perverts.

In addition to being a source of filth beyond comprehension, it turns out the key google search terms that lead people to our blog are also full of mystery and intrigue. Our favorites include "genitalia 14 weeks"  because that's a long fucking time, guys - OR IS IT THE OPPOSITE, is that how long you get to keep your genitals?? We will never truly know. "Monkey bites own penis off" and "animal big ugly ass" were pretty obvious choices for our blog, but we're a little offended by being found with "sex with you will suck." Most intriguing of all is the truncated search sentence of "does your butt swell when you're..." the end of which has been lost to time and space and will pique our curiousity forever... even if googling it did lead to a lot of unwanted info about hemorrhoids.

Since clearly you are all fascinated by penises and the weird ways animals use them, we decided to share with our readers another incredible prehensile penis.  It's one of Meaghan's favorite critters - so coordinated that its nose matches its junk, this creature's schlong could be mistaken for an enormous pink boa constrictor with a depth perception problem. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the tapir.

Hope you all enjoyed that... you sickos.

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