Monday, October 7, 2013

The Shutdown: A Poem

On the 1st Amy woke without work
Because Congress is being a jerk
Deemed "nonessential"
By those influential
She must keep from going berserk.

Positive thoughts gave Amy a spark
"Perhaps I can explore more of the park!"
When she walked to the start
she was shot in the heart-
"GOTCHA" was the congressional remark

All the federal  lands are closed
While the budget’s belligerently opposed
Foreigners on vacations
Are stopped at entry stations
Unable to raft, camp, climb or propose

So with that bubble popped, Amy went home
Her only source of entertainment now Google Chrome
First she read, then she blogged,
Then she looked for new jobs
This shutdown was quite bothersome.

Another plan for Amy’s distraction:
She could do science instead of inaction!
She sat down and logged on
USGS is part of the chain reaction

"Well it's grant season," she finally said,
And though she'd rather be dead
She went to apply for NSF
But the site made her frown
It was were completely shutdown!
"No job, no grants... WHAT THE EFF!"

We hope the shutdown doesn’t last long
And congress realizes what its done wrong
Pulls its head out its ass
For Amy’s sake, can’t we just get along?

Both of these animals are furloughed. Both of them love their jobs.

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