Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Singularly Stupid Deluge of Dinosaur Selfies

The town of Drumheller, Alberta is famous for being the home of the Royal Tyrrell Museum, a huge paleontology museum dedicated to the fossils of Canada (and beyond). There are lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of extinct chickens (aka dinosaurs) in Canada, so there are lots of dinos at the Royal Tyrrell, SO THERE ARE LOTS OF (really weird) DINOSAUR STATUES IN DRUMHELLER AND WE TOOK SELFIES WITH THEM ALL*!!!!!

Enjoy the photo montage of ridiculousness that ensues when two mammal paleontologists are vacationing in Canada. Or skip this post and come back in like 2-6 months when we finally write something new and/or meaningful again.

You know you want to see the rest of this dumbfuckery.

Diapsid Devotion


Sparkle fingers dinos


It was hard to capture the majesty and sheer size of this one, so we took a couple of different shots of it.

Probably this didn't capture much majesty

Toe Plank

Toe Flop

See? It was big! REALLY big.

Flossing would be really easy for this guy

Missed a key finger posing opportunity here.

DEMONIC ADULT CERATOPSIAN (Amy is trying to flip her hair up into a frill but it didn't work so she looks ridiculus)



The fact that we didn't take a deliberate horn-as-boner photo will haunt us to our grave 

Ready to go get the gold or something... coal? probably coal.


Meaghan still had shit in her teeth but none of the dinosaurs said ANYTHING #falsefriends

she's got her hands on the haaaannnds

The most unfortunate of the statues
Unfortunate statue, zoomed out version

None of them made this face, so we did.

Don't do drugs. Do dinosaurs.

Meaghan's looks like a bitchslap, dino's looks friendlier

A hug to make up for my aggression

Meaghan is doing rude things, but the perspective just doesn't work

Ahh, there we go

Even the damned grocery store 

And of course, end with the one mammal.

*Not actually all of them, we only dedicated an hour of driving around for this, not a week. Dear GOD there are a lot of statues there.

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