Thursday, December 7, 2017

One Lady, Many Beards

Recently Amy started a new job as the Collections Manager at the Museum of the Rockies, marking the end of her time as a graduate student! Yay for Master Atwater! But now that Amy is a professional, she suddenly has all this FREE TIME during her nights and weekends that she is 100% not used to. Does this mean that Amy is using her newfound freedom for exploring her new state and/or exercising and adventuring, or perhaps promoting the public good?


She is embracing her generation and spending most of her time on Snapchat.

Now, for those of you ancient decrepit fools who are not familiar with Snapchat, it is a form of social media based on video/image messaging with facial recognition, allowing for all sorts of strange filters for your face. Or as Scott Williams at the Museum of the Rockies calls it, "that other thing that Millennials use."

How can you not love this?!

That's right Scott, us Millennials love Snapchat. And to share the Snapchat love, Amy has spent her last week using the Face-Swap function to replace HER face with all sorts of faces, including those of paleontologists, living and dead.

For example, Amy face swaps with Meaghan!
It doesn't always work out so well....

So here's a fun matching game for you! Can YOU guess that paleontologist?? Our plan is to introduce people to the faces of paleontology but on Amy's face (only one is fictional, several are dead). Consider this a sign that you've made it: people know you are if Amy puts your face on her face - unless you have no hair or glasses or beard, because then you just look... kinda like Amy's face (Sorry Chris Kirk, but that was too weird to share).

Speaking of: Uh fair warning, some of these are pretty disturbing. Amy really needs to stop sending these to Meaghan late at night because she opens them in the morning and is FUCKING HORRIFIED. Proceed at your on risk.

We'll start with an easy one:
Who am I?

This fine gentleman loves turtles and finches, 
and long walks on beaches where he 
can watch the marine iguanas swim. 
He wrote a really important book that 
Undergraduates have loathed reading ever since.

It's Charles Darwin, of course!

Okay no more give-aways. The rest of the answers are at the bottom of this post. How well did you do?
1. Celebrity Paleontologist.
Gives super epic talks.
Meaghan and Amy have both taken sneaky selfies
with him because of their love of his book.
A real dinosaur renaissance man.
2. (We warned you that it'd be disturbing.)
This individual leads great museum trips you should
send your kids to, makes a mean homebrew but talks too much 
about it, and studies the way mammals run.
3. This paleontologist is super 3D, but a bit of a shrew.
Not really, please don't take that pun too literally,
he's actually super nice...
4. Has the face-on-Amy's-face that nightmares are made of.
Monkey & whale  man.
5. This one should be obvious, though not through looks
since she looks like a crayon just melted on Amy's face.
Mother of Paleontology.
6. Dino dude from Utah. Apparently wrote a
Star Trek novel, thanks Wikipedia!
7. Badass paleo lady from sunny California,
likes climate and how it kills animals.
8. Mr. Bones. Croc and dino enthusiast,
loooooong dead
9. He sat in a corner, eating his Christmas Pie
Says Torosaurus
Is maybe no more-us
Which made all the paleontologists cry.

10. Somehow managed to use ground penetrating radar
to make a perfect image of a Velociraptor
T. rex would love to eat him.
11. She loves the pretty ponies
Clippity Clop, Clippity Clop
She studies how their teeth evolved
Clippity Clop, Chippity Chop,
She loves to study their crown height within their lower jaw,
Their co-evolution with grasslands will fill your mind with awe!

12. & 13. Super dead frenemies

14. Antlers, horns, and ossicones, oh my!
15. How did climate kill the mammals?
How did mountains kill the mammals?
16. The hair is a huge hint here.
Likes snakes that are even bigger than his ponytail.
17. Dirt dirt dirt, lichens lichens lichens,
messes with your Ediacaran worldview.
Likes Triceratops, but eff Torosaurus
19. & 20. Hint, famous paleoanthro couple.
They found the dead monkeys in Africa.
You know, THOSE monkeys.

21. A horse is a horse, of course of course
But he can talk to a horse of course
...or at least a lot about them.
Also volcanoes now.

22. Weird man who likes twitter but not instagram or
other hip millenial things.
Also dinosaurs. He likes those, too. 
23. The one earring really works here.
Most beautiful man in the field, according to People. 
24. Meaghan's #1 Twitter Science crush (and Amy's Instagram).
Has our dream field job.

A Cruisin' Couple!
25. Loves fish to a weird degree. Sings about them sometimes,
draws them even more. 
26. His eyebrows are not as big as they appear here.
Televised over a mass of snow.

27. Studies dead mice.
Many dead mice.
Where did they live? How big did they grow?
Some had horns that grew on their head
Regardless of their adaptations they're mostly dead
They're dead they're dead they're dead they're dead
Studies dead mice 

28. Talks to all the skeptics, and writes many books.
One of the few, the proud, the paleo-mag people.

29. Horse brains and Mother of SVP
30. Writes a mean haiku.
More buddist than you.
Great beauty is in the field.

1: Robert Bakker; 2: David Levering; 3: David Polly; 4: Phil Gingerich; 5: Mary Anning; 6: James Kirkland; 7: Patricia Holroyd; 8: Barnum Brown; 9: Jack Horner; 10: Alan Grant; 11: Christine Janis; 12: Edward D. Cope; 13: Marsh; 14: Edward Byrd Davis; 15: Catherine Badgley; 16: John Bloch; 17: Greg Retallack; 18: John Scannella; 19: Louis Leakey; 20: Mary Leakey; 21: Nick Famoso; 22: Scott Williams; 23: Paul Sereno; 24: Rebecca Hunt-Foster; 25: Ray Troll; 26: Kirk Johnson; 27: Samantha Hopkins; 28: Don Prothero; 29: Tilly Edinger; 30: Ted Fremd





Bonus Round!
31: Neanderthal
32: Homo erectus: Dmanisi skull, D2700
33: "Lucy" Australopithecus afarensis

0-10 correct: Uh-oh, are you SURE you're a paleontologist? Go to more conferences and stare at people who intimidate you!
10-20 correct: You're getting there... stalker!!
20-30 correct: Paleontology/Paleontologist Expert!


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