Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Whale Rap Battle You Didn't Know You Needed

Amy and Meaghan were in the same place for several consecutive days, and from the loins of their cohabitation sprung this glory - Basilosaurus vs Killer Whale. Turn on closed captions to see our witty witty lyrics.

Here are the lyrics, with some links to help translate into non-nerd:

I’m a killer whale, don’t you mess with me
I eat great white sharks and fish and seals,
I’m the scourge of all the seas
so don’t tempt me

I’m an Eocene Queen, Ruler of the Seas 
60 feet long, all the world was scared of me
I’m a sea serpent, you’re a SeaWorld servant
Respect me as your Grandma
No flaccid-finned dolphin gonna put me in the slamma

Yo Basal, I’ll make you into Pesto
You were confused for lizards and birds but I’m the mammal’s best yo
I’m the real living deal
Eat you like a harbor seal
You’ve got limbs not fins, you’re a vestigial fool
Springing forth from that limited 
Alabama gene pool

I got itty bitty fins I don’t need that much to swim
I’m efficient - graceful leviathan
You’re a SeaWorld psycho
Your success is a fluke
Your ocean water’s warming so
I’m Tilikum-ing for you

And if you didn't see the dance promo trailer...

GodDAMN but we are good at everything.

Check out our other Rap Battles on YouTube, and tell us which animals should battle next. KEEP IN MIND OUR EXTREME COSTUME RESTRAINTS - thanks to Danielle Peecher for lending us by far the best costume ever featured on this blog, and to Kelly Thompson for the excellent directing and lyrical assistance (and that cameo of your foot was top notch).


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