Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Support Meaghan & Amy's Beer Fund!

Wanna purchase a sweet Christmas gift AND support a good cause at the same time? Well, look no further than the fantastic science gifts at Borealisbones and our CafePress stores! All the money made through these fantastic venues will go directly into the Vengeance Team beer fund, aka magic "write more dumb stuff on our blog" juice. 

See, while Amy was being job-blocked by the government shutdown she started making really incredible earrings out of caribou antlers. All the antlers were naturally shed and collected by Amy outside of the park's boundaries, so have no fear: Alaskan, but still legal for sure. 

Caribou Antler Earrings with Garnet Accent

Meanwhile, Meaghan has been wrestling with selling her designs on CafePress, which will basically put any print on a T-shirt/mug/thong and let you sell it*.  

Who doesn't want paleosol cupcake schematics on just their left shoe?
Currently the store is rocking an awesome schematic diagram of the 12 major orders of soils in the shape of cupcakes: how about a nice t-shirt, travel mug, or tote bag? Show your nerd love to the world! Additionally, the first of many paleontology puns is available in mug/flask form. Meaghan calls it Echinodramata:

So purchase some nerdy gifts for yourself and others, supporting Meaghan through her comprehensive exams studying time and Amy through a winter working retail - everyone wins!

*This includes pictures of your own face, if you want to get creepy about it. Which of course Meaghan did.
And what you see is pure, refined class. Who wouldn't want a picture of Meaghan's face screaming at a man's nipple bedecking their crotch? Hell, Meaghan's gonna mark this one up for double the price and make a killing on it.

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