Friday, January 31, 2014

14 Days of Genitals: Day 0, the Explanation

It's been an entire year since Amy and Meaghan peer-pressured themselves into writing about the grossest animal sex facts they could find, spewing out one each day until their google search history threatened to become a sentient, malevolent beast. To save the world, and their eyeballs, they gave up on day 8

This year, there's no backing down. The Vengeance Team has been strength training for this all year and this time we're ready for the marathon (note: please for the love of god, do not try to imagine what this sort of strength training involves). Prep yourself for two weeks of bizarre, fascinating, and typically pretty horrifying animal sex facts. We've got nothing but the best/worst for you, building to a natural crescendo on February 14th. 

Cuz corkscrew dicks are amateur weird.
Why are we doing this? Two reasons: we failed out last year, and we haven't redeemed ourselves and two... we want to prove to all lonely people on valentines day that even if you don't have a date, at least you're not involved with an otter. Just trust us: that would be a bad thing.

Meaghan and Amy

Caecillians: we thought you had it bad. You don't. Not even close.

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