Monday, March 31, 2014


Well the Vengeance Team has something to admit, we forgot our own blog's birthday... HOW EMBARRASSING! So instead we are gonna make a big effing deal about recently breaking 100,000 page views!!!!

Celebrating for science! Or prehensile penises.....

We know many of our views come from those perverts googling "Prehensile Penis" or "Does your butt swell when..." but we are grateful and definitely still celebrating! To commemorate our big news, we want to look back on our 5 favorite blog posts, each representing a different perspective of Mary Anning's Revenge:

1) The Serious Piece:  Famous Amos and Marvelous Melvin

2) The Penis Piece: Utah's Cock Rocks

3) The AwwwWTF Piece: Squirrel Nuts and Guts 

4) The Awesome Dead Shit Piece: Macrauchenia

and finally,

5) The Paleo-Picasso Piece: The Paleosol Cupcake, Parts 1 and 2

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