Sunday, February 9, 2014

The 14 Days of Genitals, Day 8: Oosik (my dick?)

For some animals, the word boner is quite literal.

Wielding quite the weapon!
This gentleman is holding an oosik, or Walrus Boner Bone. These are found in lots of groups and are called baculums, but none are quite so impressive as the walrus oosik. These things are HUGE: recently, a huge fossilized oosik of an extinct walrus  was sold for $8,000 at an auction. The oosik was FOUR AND A HALF FEET LONG.

Oh myyyyyy

Evolutionarily, the baculum helps with sperm delivery (no more whiskey dick) but we suppose it also helps with this... though we fail to see how the following video could really be selected for. Fair warning: this is a video on a 14 days of Genitals blog, so it's almost guaranteed to be disgusting and not safe for work!

In addition to making self-fellatio an excellent time killer for the zoo-trapped walrus, oosiks were and still are used by Inuit people as clubs.  They are now sold online as knife handles, talking pieces, and also jewelry!

Also, go into any bar in Alaska that serves Midnight Sun Brewing Co. and order their famous Oosik Amber. They use an actual oosik for the tap handle!

Finally, we'll leave you today with this Oosik poem... because they said it better than we ever could.

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